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Everyone is welcome to hear the testimony of Al Ward as he shares some of the blessings and works of our lord, Jesus Christ, as witnessed by family, friends and various other followers of the Lord.


In addition to Al's testimony you may also share your own testimony of the workings of Jesus in your life.  Of course, we do have limited time and resources, so we can only accommodate but so many.  However, do not let that discourage you, we will rotate as many as we can on a weekly or monthly basis as need be.


We encourage you to submit as many testimonies as you would like to, but do to space constraints, please try to keep them down to about one page or less of a word processor i.e. Microsoft Word.  However, if you need more than one page to give us a condensed version, by all means use as much as you need.  If you want to bless us with your testimony just click on the testimony link below and fill in the body of the email when the window opens.  After your testimony is screened for content, it will probably be added to the public testimony page although there is no guarantee.  You must also realize there is no compensation for the use of testimonies, this is strictly voluntary on your behalf.  We will attempt to copy the email, word for word, but Al ward Music and Software is not responsible in any case of lost or corrupt data during transmission or otherwise.  If you decide to remove a testimony, you may request its removal through the testimony or feedback links below.


The testimonies in this web site are only meant to be received from followers of Jesus Christ.  We certainly do not want to offend anyone, but in my conscience I can only support Christian testimonies.  Let us hear about your conversion and the impact it has had on your life.  If you do not think anything dramatic enough for you to share has yet happened to you, then if you would like to share an experience of some other Christian loved one, family member, or acquaintance, with their permission of course, feel welcome.


If you have followed the path of Christ for a time and now consider yourself backslidden, then please ask for prayer to help you with your restoration so that you may be again reconciled with the Lord. Or, if you have never received the Holy Spirit (I am NOT referring to speaking in tongues, but am referring to being born again), then let us know that too so we can help direct you to receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior, Lord and Master.


Send your testimony to the following email address.  Please do not include your name with your email if you wish to remain anonymous.  However, this makes it more difficult and even unlikely if you ever want to remove a testimony: 


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