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Thank you for your interest in our songs.  We want you to hear all of our Gospel Songs.  All you have to do to hear any one of our songs by Al Ward, is just click the appropriate link below.  The song will then play on YouTube or other appropriate website.


All songs Copyright 2000-2014  Alfred O. Ward


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under construction.  All songs have been removed from this website due to changes and updates to the songs.  They will return a some future date.

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All these songs were written and performed by Al Ward



Al is singing all the vocal parts



Al is playing all instgrumental parts



Click on any song to play it



long journey to the wedding by Al Ward



You need a shoulder to cry on by Al Ward



Come to Jesus (we can get along) by Al Ward



Her mother said hooray halleluhah by Al Ward



You say religon is up to me by Al Ward


Think about saving your soul by Al Ward




New songs will be added here soon!



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