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  We hope you enjoy the following recipes, some are for health considerations and some are strictly for taste:


Disclaimer NOTE: Al Ward Music and Software assumes absolutely no responsibility for the use or results of any tips, recipes, or any other form of communication in this website.  Please use common sense when viewing these articles and consult with your doctor where appropriate.



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Click here for Smart Balanced Foods


Click here for Make Your Own Egg Substitute


Click here for  Lite New England Clam Chowder


Click here for  Chicken and Sausage Gumbo


Click here for Reduced Fat Crab Meat Salad


Click here for  Al Ward's Goat Meat Cooked in Tomato Sauce


Click here for  Al Ward's Low Fat Cornbread


Click here for  Al Ward's Banana Pudding (with lower sugar)


Click here for  Lemon Ice Box Pie


Click here for  Beef Brisket


Click here for  Shrimp Creole (serving for 2)


Click here for  Potato Nest with Peas (serving for 2)


Click here for  Sausage Spinach Pasta (serving for 2)


Click here for  Smoked Salmon Spread (serving for 2)


Click here for  Grilled Marinated Duck


Click here for  Oven Fried Chicken


Click here for  Greek Stewed Chicken


Click here for  Baked Rice Pudding








Please send us any suggestion you may wish to submit for additional categories that may be useful to share with others.  All submissions are subject to the approval of the Al Ward Music and Software staff.  Inquire about our fund raising campaigns for your church or other Christian organization





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