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About Us

Our mission is to present to you, songs that bring peace to your soul, really powerful but easy to use software that is also fun to operate, news about Our Church, and healthy recipes and tips about various subjects..  In all cases we offer you our best efforts towards your complete satisfaction. 


Company history:

The Al Ward Music and Software company was started by Al Ward.  When you experience songs authored and created by Al Ward you are being exposed to a long history of creativity and dedication.  Did you know Al is singing all the parts of his songs, which includes all lead and background vocals?  Did you also know he played all the instrumental parts to each song on his little midi keyboard.  He did not use any loops, remixes or any other form of automation.  He actually played every note of every instrument including drums and all percussion.  To you musicians out there, this may not seem like anything phenomenal, but did you also know he is not a musician?  That's right, he does not know how to play any instrument.  But the Lord has blessed him with the talents to make up all the instrumental parts in his mind and then figure how to play them on his keyboard and record them, one little part at a time.  


And you guessed it, yep, he did all the recording himself on the computer that he, himself, built for this purpose.  Since there was no one to do the mixing and mastering, guess what, he did it himself.  Some say he even built this web site, what do you think?  Al is blessed, he has never had any lessons from anyone with anything at all concerning his music and he never sought direct assistance, because he loves discovering new things and wants to maintain his own originality. Al has learned his trades through the many books he has purchased and read, and by searching the internet for answers to the various challenges he invariable encounters throughout the life of his many projects. 


He has two children of his own blood, a boy and a girl, and he raised two stepsons in his second marriage.  Al gratefully received an early retirement at the age of 50, in the year 1991, from a major computer corporation.  This gave him the opportunity to begin vigorously pursuing his dreams.  Al has been commissioned by the Lord to feed His sheep.  He perceives this as a mission to deliver good gospel songs to the family of God.  Al always hopes his songs will cause some lost souls to accept the Lord, becoming a believer and that those already in Christ will be encouraged along their way.


Al started working for a major computer corporation on valentines day in the year 1967.  Before joining the corporation Al served 7 1/2 years in the US Navy where he attained the rank of DS1, Petty Officer 1st class (E6) in the first four years of service.  His naval career was served as first an electronics technician (ET) and later a data systems technician (DS).  He joined the Navy at the age of 18.  Toward the end of his tour of service Al was recommended for chief petty officer (E7) and he considered a career in the Navy, but his passion for singing R & B (rhythm and blues) won over and he returned to civilian life at the end of his tour.  Although Al really enjoyed his tour of the Navy his real passion was singing.  While in the Navy Al taught himself to sing and started a singing group whose name was The Primes.  The Primes started with four men and one woman and ended up with one woman and two men, including Al.  They became very, very popular on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, where Al was stationed for three years.  After being told of an interest in the group by someone from Motown the group was very excited to think they had a real chance at making it big once they were all discharged from the military service.  They did not know at the time that a former name of the Temptations had been the 'Primes' also, nor did they know a former name of the Supremes had been the 'Primettes'.  Of course they could not sign up with anyone while still in the service.  But due to a tragic death of a very close member of one of the Prime's family the group broke up.  The group then took on another member and was jokingly told they sounded more like The Impressions than the Impressions themselves.


Al Ward has always enjoyed a life which is very rich in many diverse experiences as he pursued dual careers simultaneously, until his retirement from the computer corporation. Al survived two marriages.  To hear some of the very interesting experiences of Al Ward be sure to click on the below link to his BLOG:



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