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About Al Ward

Al's mission is to present to you, songs that bring peace to your soul, really powerful but easy to use software that is also fun to operate, new about Our Church, and healthy recipes and tips about various subjects.


Al Ward's history:

I was born in Trenton, Tennessee

I was born in Trenton, Tennessee during the time when cotton picking season, was the event of the year .  I was raised by my grandmother and step grandfather on my father’s side of the family.  I do not know my mother or any of my relatives on her side of my family.  I grew up in a loving environment although there was very little verbal communication. There was a very high level of trust in our family and they thought I could do no wrong .   I knew my father until he passed away in 1987, but there was very little contact between us during my childhood.  Everyone said my looks and habits were identical to his.  ‘Boy, you look like your daddy spit you out of his mouth’ was a word that I received often.  My dad was very, very popular in our local area and in several other locations within the country.  He had been a gospel quartet singer in his younger years but later became a preacher and rather quickly was called to pastor a church.  His path of preaching the gospel and leading the saints lead him to pastor several Baptist congregations in immediate succession.  He was a strong singer with a lot of talent and a powerful preacher who did not shy away from leading his flock.  Along with myself, some other survivors of my father are my stepmother, my sister, my step brother and the possibility of several other siblings that I do not personally know.  Of the three that I know, I have more contact with my stepmother than the others but I love all of them.  I wish I could tell you about my mother but I do not know anything to tell.


Growing up in our peaceful little town, with a population of  about five thousands, I had many friends and associates, both male and female, all black of course, due to the dictates of ole’ Jim Crow.  I would love to have had white friends along with the others but that was not a reasonable thing to attempt after reaching somewhere around age twelve  .  Throughout my childhood I was usually elected president of my class and in my teen years I was one of the few boys who had a car to drive, although we as most other Afro American citizens, were poor.  The car was owned by my grandparents but they could not drive and trusted me with it almost whenever I chose to drive it, which was everyday.  I stayed out of trouble most of the time [big grin], never having anything with the law, although I had several paddlings up through high school.  However, I was not a goody two shoes, it just appeared that way, but those who really knew me knew I hung out in the streets until late at night having fun with the boys of all ages.  We hung out in the cafes, drank beer, smoked cigarettes and etc.


As I grew into a mid to upper teenager, I started to feel that I just did not belong in my home town  .  I had always traveled a lot and I had an intense yearning for adventure.  Like the other black kids of my town, I grew up loving cowboy pictures and adventure films like Superman, Batman, Buck Rogers, and Mickey Mouse .  I lied about my age and tried to join the Army when I was fourteen.  I wish that was the only lie I ever told but I rarely lied about anything and I still hate lying.  Actually, I was following the lead of one of my close friends who had already done the same thing.  But, I was not so lucky.  A neighbor saw me at the post office talking with a recruiter and she could not wait to inform my grandmother.  Of course she did not have a cell phone.  In those days you were lucky to even have a phone and were really big stuff if you had a private line.  Well, I finally did leave for the Navy when I graduated high school and later turned eighteen.  I was so anxious to get out of there, I left hitch hiking with five dollars in my pocket, going to live with one of my uncles in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The job situation there just wasn’t getting it .  I had tried two jobs that summer, one in Tennessee and the other in Indiana, and they both made me sick with a high fever.  So I made my way back to Tennessee to join the service.  Several of my little buddies pretended they wanted to join the army, so we all went together, but they all chickened out which left me standing there all along.  So I joined the navy instead, which was always my first choice.  I thought the navy would be more fun and I believe it was.  One on my buddies did join the army at a later time.  Through all of this I had fallen heavily in love with my girlfriend who was rapidly becoming my fiancée. Before I reached the ripe old age of nineteen, I was married with a brand new baby sleeping next to my bed which turned out to be a rather expensive alarm clock .  I was sooooo much in love with my wife and my baby.  And I still love my sweet daughter and my charming older son even more than in those early days.  By the way my son and daughter live in Tennessee and I now live in North Carolina.  Well that is enough to digest at one time, so be sure to come back and visit us often to tune in to the next episode of the adventures of Al Ward……. 


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