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[ Remedies for Sinus Infections ]



Disclaimer NOTE: Al Ward Music and Software assumes absolutely no responsibility for the use or results of any tips, recipes, or any other form of communication in this website.  Please use common sense when viewing these articles and consult with your doctor where appropriate.



The tip I am sharing with you to help clear up chronic sinus infections permanently, is a very simple and useful one, but I have rarely convinced anyone to try it.  It has kept me out of serious trouble for more than thirty years.  It did not completely remove all my symptoms but it certainly lowered the severity to something manageable.  I am talking about simple honey, vinegar and hot water.  One cup of hot water with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, not the clear stuff, it must be the red [ apple cider ] vinegar, with one tablespoon of honey.  I think it is better to use raw honey but regular honey from the supermarket worked for me.


I have been hospitalized for five days or so twice in my life for severe sinus infections and when I was a young adolescent boy back in the early 1950's, I was bed ridden for more than two weeks, there was no hospital near Trenton, Tennessee for Afro Americans in that day.  The doctor visited my home three times a day for most of that period to give me shots of penicillin.  After I recovered he told me he was afraid that he was going to lose me, meaning I would die.  I have been inflicted as such, multiple times in my life and each time my temperature would linger in the 104 - 105 degree range, for days.  During this time I would be mostly unconscious.  while I was a kid, my grandmother, who raised me  and then later my wife would wake me up every few hours to change clothes and change the bed sheets because I would be ringing wet with perspiration.  Let me say that I still get infections from time to time but they are no longer life threatening as such, I do not have the high temperatures and sometimes there is no fever at all and when there is it does not surpass 101 degrees.  The remedy is simple as mentioned above,  just follow these instructions:


1 tablespoon (big spoon) of honey


1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar


1 cup of hot water.


- - - - - - - for seven days - - - - - - -


Stir the honey and vinegar into the hot water until it dissolves.  Note, it may be better to heat the water on the stove rather than in the microwave oven due to some scientific reports about heating water and foods in microwaves.  This remedy must be taken seven consecutive days before eating in the morning.  Do not miss a day but stop after seven days, it may cause some constipation if you continue it too long. By the way it cures ulcers and other stomach problems also, it seems to slow down the activity in the digestive tract if it is too active.  Honey is said to be an antibiotic and both it and vinegar are used in a lot of medicines and home remedies for many ailments.


I originally took this remedy for chronic gastritis and other stomach problems,  After being treated for years by doctors and having visited the emergency several times, I finally decided to heed my neighbor's advice and try this remedy after being reluctant for a long time, thinking it is acidic and because of that it would be bad for my digestive system.  I thought, after all, the educated doctors know best.  But this remedy really cured my intestinal disorders.  The first time it lasted for about 18 months and I had to repeat it.  The second time lasted for thirty or so years.  I still take tums when I eat too much spicy or greasy foods but that is all that is required. 


Then one day several years after taking this remedy for my digestive system, I overheard someone telling a man about a great remedy for his chronic sinusitis, it was the same remedy.  I said wow to myself, I thought I had just out grown that awful sinus problem I used to have, I never dreamed the honey and vinegar had simultaneously healed my sinuses also.  Praise the Lord!  




In addition to the honey and vinegar, I recommend trying a sinus rinse called 'NeilMed Sinus Rinse'.  Recently my grown daughter who has very bad allergies, was suffering miserably with her sinuses, her nose just would not stop running.  The doctors had been treating it for months without any success.  She has this every year but usually the doctors are able to bring some relief but not this time.  So I sent her one of the rinse kit thru the mail.  She said the rinse really helped, and almost cured her but there was still some residual.  I reminded her once again about the honey and vinegar and out of desperation she decided to try it for the first time.  She called me later and said dad, it is completely dried up, I have no more symptoms and once again I said praise the Lord because He is really the one that does the healing.



Try it and give feed back about your results.




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