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Thank you for taking a look at our products.  You can have fun exploring this site, it is the home of the following:



TESTIMONIES  by Anyone........BIBLE STUDY Assistance published by Al Ward  


Miracle SONGS created by Al Ward..........AllmyData Software created by Al Ward  




We also host things of many other exciting subjects such as:

- testimonies

- other interesting software

- documents to supplement bible studies

- recipes for healthy food dishes

- a wide variety of useful tips such as ways to improve your health

- submission of confidential prayer requests to our prayer warriors

- invitation to study or worship with us in the Raleigh, North Carolina area

- and many other exciting things to do. 

- view Al Ward's blog, someone else's blog, or create your own

- you may submit your personal versions of the following;





or any other decent thing your heart desires

and you may correspond with our staff 


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We think you will enjoy coming to this website, over and over again.   May God richly bless you. 


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ALLmyData is a powerful, user friendly, Multimedia Database Manager which is fun to use.


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The author of the songs and software within this site has many years of experience and a burning passion for these arts, with new projects always on the back burner, so you can expect to see many new products in the near future.  Come back and visit us often to see the latest additions to our family of products.



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